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Super Circus Fruits Show

Role: Game Designer Unreal Engine 4 8 weeks

Download Link :

Project Details #

Project Brief #

  • Genre : Third Person Platformer
  • Art Style : Cartoony Circus
  • Game Engine : Unreal Engine 4
  • Team Size : 14

Super Circus Fruit Show is a chaotic fun platformer about a little Papaya mime trying to escape from the Circus.

All the circus performers have been turned into fruits by the evil ringmaster and are forced through gauntlets to entertain the crowd.

Tilt the level and make the performers struggle. Experience wacky physics, tumbling through obstacle courses with variable hazards in order to get the highest score! Try not to get sliced!

Used Software #

  • Miro
  • Office Suite
  • Unreal Engine 4
  • Houdini Engine in Unreal

Responsibilities #

  • Character Movement

Together with others I researched other games for character movement references. I looked into games like Super Monkey Ball and I Am Fish. My conclusions from my research was used to get the inital concept of the character movement.

  • Level Design

I spearheaded the creation and iteration of the second level. This means I created the intial sketches, blockout and required obstacles in the level. For this I mainly used the spline path generation tool created by our visual artists with Houdini.

  • QA / Playtesting

I set up the teams QA pipeline for playtestingand changelog documentation. I was also the main person organizing and gathering feedback through playtesting sessions. This playtesting helped us get the required feedback for the last stretch to clean up the project in many ways such as the 3C’s, the level layouts and visual clarity etc.

Snippet from playtesting document

Project Post Mortem #

Super Circus Fruits Show released exclusively on, where we received a total of 336 downloads and 1,620 views. It was developed over a time span of about 8 weeks including marketing and release. Though there was not that much marketing going on at the time.

This was our first multi-disciplinary project, meaning it was the first project in our study that was a collaboration between designers, programmers and artists. For our first attempt it was a pretty positive outcome.

As this was my first experience working with other disciplines, it was very educational. In the beginning I was struggling with communication and figuring out what to do in a scenario where everyone has an area of responsibility that isn’t just given to you by default. Thanks to extensive feedback from my peers and teacher I learned to navigate such a scenario a lot better. This means I learned a lot about teamwork and understanding your place within a team and project.

I believe that this project formed the basis of how to communicate effectively within a team and be a good developer above all else.