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Role: System Designer Custom Engine 12 Weeks

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Project Details #

Project Brief #

  • Genre : Top-Down Action
  • Art Style : Tunic
  • Game Engine : Custom Engine
  • Target Platform : PC
  • Team Size : 18

Hellbound is a top-down procedurally generated roguelike where you fight a colossal demon as a fallen angel.

Used Software #

  • Jira
  • Miro
  • Office Suite
  • Perry Engine(Custom Engine)

Main Menu Screen

Responsibilities #

  • Character Movement

I was tasked with researching movement in similar games and using that research to balance our character movement speed and abilities.

  • Combat Abilities

I was responsible of the attacks the player would have, gathering references for animations, abilities and how they would interact with the boss etc.

  • QA / Playtesting

I set up the teams QA pipeline for playtesting and changelogs.

Project Post Mortem #

Hellbound released exclusively on, where we received a total of 255 downloads and 1,616 views. It was developed over a time span of about 12 weeks including marketing and release.

We were greatly active on social media trying to promote the game through tiktok, twitter and instagram pages. We also had small advertisement campaigns through posters with QR codes that would link to our game page.

In terms of personal development this project was quite special. As I am someone who is inclined to get a lot of work done in an engine myself, getting used to an environment where I could not implement things on my own and had to break down information for programmers and visual artists to convey my design intention was a very unique experience.

I learned a lot about working and communicating with others actively in a way that I do not have to implement things myself and providing the necessary documentation.

I believe that this has also helped furthering my understanding behind how game engines work and how they need to be approached if they are in a half-baked state which I believe to be a very valuable skill.

Splash Art
Hellbound Splash Art